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Subventum Financial Services

Subventum is a licensed and accredited Financial Services Provider, focusing on:

Providing Strategic Advice

Coaching and guiding clients in connection with important financial decisions that could affect them throughout their lives.

Providing Tactical Advice

Providing expertise on insurance, investments and retirement planning and creating a personalised financial plan.

Implement and adapt the financial plan

Put the plan into action and make adjustments where necessary to keep clients on track to reach their goals.

To achieve the above, a Six Step Process is followed:

1. Establish a professional relationship
2. Gather the required information from the client
3. Analyse and evaluate the financial status of the client

4. Develop and present recommendations / alternatives
5. Implement recommendations
6. Monitor and review the plan

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Accreditation with the following companies are held

Diekie Krüger is the Key Individual and Representative of Subventum Financial Services and is an Independent Financial Adviser.  Subventum Financial Services holds contracts with the following Product Providers: